Recurrent Cancer: Steps for Early Detection

For many cancer survivors, the thought of a possible recurrence can weigh heavily on the mind after completing treatment. Although the risk of recurrence is different for each person and depends on many factors, the steps below are some actions survivors can take to improve their chances of detecting a recurrence early and increasing their chances of survival.

Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Before 60

While 65 percent of prostate cancers are diagnosed in men over the age of 65, men much younger than that age group are still at risk for developing early-onset prostate cancer, the distinct type of the disease that affects men under the age of 55.


CyberKnife was a breeze. There was no surgery, and I even got to listen to Frank Sinatra during my treatments! Everyone was great, and best of all, I'm free of cancer.

NBC4 Patient Testimonial Story: Trigeminal Neuralgia

Life is wonderful now. There is not much of anything I can't do.

Dr. Widman and patients Don and Shirley Discuss Columbus CyberKnife

Columbus CyberKnife's Dr. Douglas Widman and CyberKnife patients Don Mack and Shirley Knight explain CyberKnife treatment and side effects for cancer patients