US Radiosurgery Network

US Radiosurgery LogoIn partnership with Mount Carmel, Columbus CyberKnife is a US Radiosurgery facility.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, US Radiosurgery is a division of Alliance Oncology and partners with hospitals and physician groups around the U.S. to develop and operate full-body radiosurgical centers. US Radiosurgery established its position in the stereotactic radiosurgery market with the acquisition of its first treatment facility in Colorado. This was the eighth CyberKnife center in the U.S. and the partnership helped pave the way for the company’s future development of other stereotactic radiosurgery centers.

Columbus CyberKnife is a member of the US Radiosurgery network of centers, which now includes multiple facilities from coast to coast. Our medical director and other physicians at Columbus CyberKnife collaborate with the teams of radiation oncologists, surgeons and medical physicists at other US Radiosurgery centers. This inter-network collaboration among physicians provides an extensive body of cancer treatment expertise to Columbus CyberKnife’s patients.

Collectively, the US Radiosurgery network of centers has treated thousands of patients since the opening of the company’s first center in 2003. The group of facilities is actively engaged in research, with physicians regularly presenting papers and authoring articles related to the efficacy of CyberKnife treatment for various types of tumors and lesions. Tumors of the lung, brain and prostate, as well as certain functional disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia, have become key treatment areas throughout the network of centers.