Patient Testimonials

Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Testimonial

Learn about Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment from CyberKnife patient, Willie.

Video: Prostate Cancer Patient Testimonial

Learn more about CyberKnife treatment for Prostate Cancer from former patient Donald.

Vergil's Story: A Prostate Cancer Patient Testimonial

CyberKnife was a breeze. There was no surgery, and I even got to listen to Frank Sinatra during my treatments! Everyone was great, and best of all, I'm free of cancer.

Dr. Widman and patients Don and Shirley Discuss Columbus CyberKnife

Columbus CyberKnife's Dr. Douglas Widman and CyberKnife patients Don Mack and Shirley Knight explain CyberKnife treatment.

NBC4 Patient Story: CyberKnife Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Watch a news segment featuring a former trigeminal neuralgia patient treated at Columbus CyberKnife.